Toronto Meeting on Numerical Integration Methods in Planetary Science

August 13th to 16th 2017


The Toronto Meeting on Numerical Integration Methods in Planetary Science is a three day meeting to discuss the current state, recent advances, and unsolved problems related to numerical integrations of planetary systems in general, symplectic integrators, hardware acceleration and software tools. The idea is to have a relatively small workshop-style meeting of about 20-30 people who are actively working in this field, allowing us to have talks and discussions at a level of detail which is usually not possible at larger conferences.


This meeting has been made possible thanks to generous funding by the UTSC Office of the Vice-Principal Research (VPRO), the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA), and the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (DPES).


If you are interested in attending, please e-mail Hanno Rein or Daniel Tamayo. There is no registration fee for this conference and we might have limited support for travel or lodging.

Registration Link:


The current schedule can be found here.


The abstracts of all talks can be found here.

Confirmed participants:

  • Jack Wisdom (MIT)
  • Scott Tremaine (IAS)
  • Martin Duncan (Queens U)
  • Erika Nesvold (Carnegie DTM)
  • Jihad Touma (American University Beirut)
  • Seppo Mikkola (Turku)
  • Junichiro Makino (Kobe)
  • David Hernandez (MIT)
  • Matija Cuk (SETI)
  • David Minton (Purdue)
  • Andrew Hesselbrock (Purdue)
  • Mohamad Ali-Dib (UTSC)
  • Elizabeth Bailey (Caltech)
  • Cristobal Petrovich (CITA)
  • Ari Silburt (Toronto/Penn State)
  • Sarah Millholland (Yale)
  • Pawel Artymowicz (Toronto)
  • Fergus Horrobin (UTSC)
  • Aleksandar Rachkov (Toronto)
  • Sam Hadden (Northwestern/CfA)
  • Billy Quarles (NASA Ames)
  • Alan Jackson (UTSC)
  • David Tsang (University of Maryland)
  • Gongjie Li (Harvard)
  • Simon Grimm (Bern)
  • Joseph A'Hearn (Idaho)
  • Jo Bovy (Toronto)
  • Julien Salmon (SwRI)
  • Terrence Tricco (CITA)
  • Raluca Rufu (Weizmann Institute)
  • Catherine Woodford (CITA)
  • Rejean Leblanc (UofT)
  • Jeremy Webb (UofT)
  • Damya Souami (Naxys. Namur University)

Local organizers:

  • Hanno Rein (UTSC)
  • Daniel Tamayo (UTSC/CITA)