I'm an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. I develop numerical methods to solve problems in astrophysics.

My main appointment is at the University of Toronto at Scarborough where I am a member of the Department for Physical and Environmental Sciences. My graduate appointments are at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics and the Department of Physics.

I'm very interested in numerical methods, in particular N-body codes and integration methods for planetary systems. Other research interests include planet formation, stochastic processes, planet migration, celestial mechanics, Saturn's rings, hydrodynamics, code development and high performance computing.

Make sure to check out my REBOUND code. It is an open source N-body code which gives you access to the world's fastest and most accurate numerical integrators. You can do almost anything with it from long-term symplectic orbit integrations to collisional shearing-sheet simulations of Saturn's rings. The installation takes literally 30 seconds and it comes with an easy to use python interface. It's really cool and I'm very proud of it.

You also don't want to miss the Exoplanet App. It is a free smartphone application for the iPhone/iPad that I wrote. It let's you explore almost the entire universe, including the cosmic microwave background, galaxy clusters, our Milky Way, the Solar System and all discovered extra-solar planets. Several million people have downloaded it already!

If you like cycling, have you considered cycling to UTSC? It's really fun!

Research group with some of my current and former students.

Research Group

Current Undergraduate students

  • Fergus Horrobin

Current PhD students

  • Rejean Leblanc
  • Garett Brown

Past PhD students

  • Ari Silburt (now a post-doctoral fellow at Penn State)

Past undergraduate and Master's students

Caden Armstrong, Bryce Bolin, Jade Checlair, Alice Chen, Chin Chen, Sunny Chen, Eric Dapp, Emily Eckels, Taylor Esch, Patrick Fraser, Emma Holmes, Vikeeta Jhagru, Hemani Kalucha, Michelle Lau, Shang-Fei Liu, Farasha Meem, Srivathsan Morkonda, Ekin Ozturk, Aleksandar Rachkov, Jasmeer Sangha, Vismay Shah, Pengshuai Shi, Natasha Urbancic, Trevor Vincent, Quentin Xue, Eric Yeung.


Past and present collaborators in alphabetical order:

Eugene Chiang, Eric Ford, Yuka Fujii, David Hernandez, Willy Kley, Eiichiro Kokubo, Marc Kuchner, Henrik Latter, Zoe Leinhardt, Geoffroy Lesur, Shang-Fei Liu, Wladimir Lyra, Leonidas Moustakas, Gordon Ogilvie, Margaret Pan, John Papaloizou, David Spiegel, Dan Tamayo, Scott Tremaine, Dimitri Veras.

UTSC Observatory

For several years, I was in charge of the Astronomical Observatory at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Unfortunately, the observatory ceased operations in March 2019 due to changes in the university's priorities and recent construction work related to a new animal testing lab.

Curriculum vitae

Associate Professor
2018 - now, University of Toronto, Canada
2017 - 2020, Centre for Planetary Sciences, University of Toronto
Assistant Professor
2013 - 2018, University of Toronto, Canada
Member at the Institute for Advanced Study
2010 - 2013, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, US
PhD, Doctor of Philosophy
2007 - 2010, University of Cambridge, DAMTP, England
Thesis: The effects of stochastic forces on the evolution of planetary systems and Saturn's rings
Supervisor: Professor John C. B. Papaloizou
MASt, Master of Advanced Study, Part III of the Mathemtical Tripos
2006 - 2007, University of Cambridge, DAMTP, England
With distinction
Exams: General Relativity, String Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Advanced Quantum Field Theory, Black Holes
Essay: Finite time singularities (with Stephen J. Cowley)
Undegratuate studies in both Mathematics and Physics
2003 - 2006, University of Tuebingen, Germany

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The Solar Walk at UTSC (2017)
Funded by: The UTSC Canada 150th Fund
UTSC Observatory grant (2015)
Funded by: The UTSC 50th Anniversary Fund
Connaught New Researcher Award (2014)
Funded by: The Connaught Fund
NSERC Discovery Grant (2014-2020)
Funded by: The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Exoplanet Smartphone App (2012)
Funded by: The Royal Astronomical Society, London
Principal investigator: Hanno Rein
Propellers, Frogs, and Random Walks (2012)
Funded by: NASA, ROSES-11, Outer Planets Research Program
Principal investigator: Eugene Chiang
Collaborators: Hanno Rein, Matthew Tiscareno, Margaret Pan